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Help support #vss365 today

Hello! I hope you are finding #vss365 today helpful to your writing endeavors and wonderful #vss365 stories. I created this site for that specific purpose, and it is my continual hope that this site remains beneficial to you and your fellow writer friends. 😊

#vss365 today is a complete hobby project for me, developed in my limited free time between university classes, a job, home life, and many other activities. I also absorb all costs for running the site. Servers and a domain name cost money, and I gladly continue to pay for the services to keep the site online and in working shape for you personally. I intend to continue paying for all required services to keep the site fully free to use and accessible for all. The last thing I ever want to do is to be forced to require funds to keep it online.

However, if you would like, you can help financially support #vss365 today and keep it available for all. Currently, it costs $70.00 USD a year to keep the site online. If you were to donate $7.00 USD, which is a little more than the price of two Starbucks venti iced coffees, you can keep the site online for a full month.

Again, I have no current intention to ever require a donation or payment for using #vss365 today. This is a fully voluntary donation and will only be used to pay for the site.

Whether you donate or not, I personally thank you for your continued support of #vss365 today. May you have much success in your writings and find lots of inspiration in all that you do. 😊


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